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1/2 Price Sale on Buddy Beds Memory Foam Crate Pads!

Now 1/2 price sale! The Ultimate in Crate-Time Comfort. Transform your metal crate into a comfortable hide-away. Our patented memory foam sleep system gives the ultimate in comfort and support. Enjoy these sizzling sale prices! Continue reading

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Fruity Pops – Make Your Own Healthy Summer Dog Treats

Make your own healthy summer dog treats – Fruity Pops. Dog’s just love the crunch of ice cubes, and here the rewards are made healthy and delicious. Perfect for a hot summer day. Continue reading

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Beware of Elbow Hygroma After Your Dog Has Surgery

Dogs recovering from surgery are unable to walk, and as a result, spend most of their time laying down. Should your post-surgical dog be sleeping or resting upon a hard surface, they may be at risk to develop Elbow Hygroma. Continue reading

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Memory Foam Dog Beds Are Perfect for Elbow Hygroma

Elbow Hygroma is a painful condition that comes when our dogs are constantly laying upon hard surfaces. Not only is sleeping or resting on a hard floor uncomfortable — it can cause our dogs to develop Elbow Hygroma. Elbow hygroma is a fluid filled small bulge usually occurring on their elbows — it looks like a thick callous. Continue reading

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Why A Good Dog Bed Is Important For Your Dog

We love our dogs. . . our dogs are members of our families. We strive to provide an enviroment that is healthy, secure, as well as fun. We want the best for them.

Because we want our dogs to be as comfortable as possible — nothing is more important to their comfort as a good dog bed. The perfect dog bed is important considering the time our dogs spend sleeping or resting. Here are some reasons to chose the best possible dog bed. Continue reading

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