Why A Good Dog Bed Is Important For Your Dog

We love our dogs. . . our  dogs are members of our families.  We strive to provide an enviroment that is healthy, secure, as well as fun.  We want the best for them.

Because we want our dogs to be as comfortable as possible — nothing is more important to their comfort as a good dog bed.  The perfect dog bed is important considering the time our dogs spend sleeping or resting.   Here are some reasons to chose the best possible dog bed.Even our most people friendly dogs like a calm location to relax.  Take time to watch your dogs sleeping or resting routine.  How and where they like to be when sleeping or resting is important.   We want to chose a location that feels safe and secure.  And preferably it is a location free from drafts.

Next the size of your dog will dictate the style (and cost) of the dog bed you will select.

All dogs need a good supportive dog bed.  The size of your dog will dictate the size (and cost) of the dog bed you will need.  The most important thing to consider is,  no matter what position your dog is sleeping or resting, you ALWAYS want the hips, shoulders, and spine to be supported by the dog bed.

If your dog is older or has physical challenges, you may want to consider an orthopedic dog bed.   Memory foam is the perfect material for an orthopedic dog bed because it completely eliminates all painful pressure points.  Memory foam dog beds give both comfort and support.

Also, if you are choosing a memory foam dog bed, one important consideration is the memory foam dog bed should have a layer of supporting foam.  This is a very expensive step, but also a very critical step.  Why?  If you put a dog on a memory foam dog bed made ONLY of memory foam, the longer your dog sleeps or rests upon the memory foam dog bed,  your dog will sink deeper and deeper into the dog bed until they finally hit the floor (this is called ‘bottoming out”).  If your dog has hit the floor — you have created a pressure point — then why invest in memory foam?

Many orthopedic dog beds have optional heaters.  These dog bed heaters allow for the dog bed to be warmed — perfect for dogs with painful arthritis.

The benefits of a good dog bed are comfort, security, and support.  If you dog is comfortable, he or she will sleep better through the night.  Which means everyone in the family will sleep better through the night as well.

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