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The True Nature of ‘Orthopedic’ Dog Beds

There are a lot of manufactures that claim their dog beds are orthopedic dog beds

I just did a Google search for orthopedic dog beds. Whoa, there are a lot of manufactures that claim their dog beds are orthopedic dog beds. Are their dog beds really orthopedic dog beds? What does orthopedic even mean, if it means anything? Consider the following five points to help you find the perfect “orthopedic” dog bed for your dog.



What makes a dog bed a true orthopedic dog bed?

1. What is an Orthopedic Dog Bed?


The question that is on everyone’s mind is, what exactly is an orthopedic dog bed? Well, let’s start at the beginning. An orthopedic mattress or orthopedic dog bed is designed to help the skeletal, muscular, and ligament systems. According to this definition, any dog bed or mattress can then be considered orthopedic. The next question that arises is, what type of mattress or bed best helps the skeletal, muscular, and ligament systems? Herein lies the rub.



2. Orthopedic Dog Bed Eliminate Pressure Points


As you no doubt know, even after doing a single Internet search, any dog bed manufacture that claims their dog beds are orthopedic dog beds, claim their dog beds are the best beds. Well, consider what you want your own mattress to do. You want it to be comfortable. You want to wake up without pain. You don’t want wake up in the morning and find that your shoulder went to sleep over the night. What does this mean? This means that you want to sleep on a mattress that eliminates pressure points.


What is a pressure point? You know what a pressure point is. It is the pain that you feel in your legs when you have sat on them for too long, It is the tingling you get when your blood is cut off from a certain part of your body. It is that ‘asleep’ feeling your arm gets if you lie on it too long.What makes a dog bed a true orthopedic dog bed?


You can think of pressure points in another way as well. Does your lower back need extra support? Does your mattress not give enough support? An orthopedic dog bed should not only eliminate pressure points, but it should support all areas of your dog’s body.



3. Memory Foam Dog Beds


As you’ve seen, there are a variety of ‘orthopedic’ dog bed fillers on the market today. There is egg crate foam, high-density memory fill, cedar chips, gel, water, memory foam, and more. Which of these is the most orthopedic? The answer is memory foam.


Memory foam dog beds are specially designed to eliminate pressure points and spread your dog’s body weight evenly across her body. This means that not only will no part of her body bear more weight than any other part, but also that all parts of her body will be supported. So if your dog has a bad lower back, or shoulder, or hip, or paw, that injured area will be given the support she needs when she sleeps.



4. If Memory Foam Dog Best are the Best, Why are There Other Options?


To put it bluntly, every ‘orthopedic’ dog bed on the market that is not made of memory foam is simply an imitation of memory foam. Developed in the 1960’s by NASA scientists, memory foam was designed to help astronauts from developing pressure points while they slept in space. As a result, memory foam is more expensive than cedar chips or egg crate foam, or even recycled shredded memory foam. Because of its expense, and the fact that most people don’t know why memory foam is unique, many dog bed manufactures are able to sell non-memory foam orthopedic beds for quite a profit.



5. The Orthopedic Dog Bed Reasoning Test


Let’s look at this logically. In order for a dog bed to be the most orthopedic dog bed it can be, it needs to eliminate pressure points. In order for the bed to eliminate pressure points, it has to be constructed to do so. Most beds are not this well crafted. Let’s take the basic stuffed dog bed. As that bed ages, the stuffing will begin to clump together and flatten. This lumpy stuffing will not evenly support your dog. Parts of her body will bear more weight than others, and parts of her body might even come into contact with the floor through the bed. Obviously, this is not an orthopedic dog bed.


Let’s look at a foam bed. A dog bed made of normal foam is not designed to eliminate pressure points. That foam will, for a while support your dog, but it won’t evenly bear her weight. As it ages and begins to mash, that foam will cease to support her at all. A foam dog bed really isn’t very different than a stuffed bed.


It is important to consider the materials in a dog bed. Are they designed to last? Because the moment they begin to age and flatten, and lump together they cannot support your dog in an orthopedic way.


Memory foam dog beds are not only designed to evenly support your dog’s weight and eliminate pressure points, but many memory foam dog bed manufactures design their beds to last. In fact, Buddy Beds, one memory foam dog bed manufacturer, states their orthopedic dog beds will outlast ten traditional stuffed beds. While no bed can stay orthopedic forever, buying a well-made memory foam dog bed is the next best thing.



What makes a dog bed a true orthopedic dog bed?

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