1/2 Price Sale on Buddy Beds Memory Foam Crate Pads!

The Ultimate in Crate-Time Comfort

Transform your metal crate into a comfortable hide-away.


Never though my crate would be this comfortable!

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Transform your dog’s crate into a comfortable haven!

Our Memory Foam Crate Pads give your dog the ultimate in comfort.

  • This durable pad adds comfort and support to your dog’s cage or crate
  • We use a 4lb memory foam
  • Supporting layer of foam prevents your dog from sinking through the memory foam and pressing against the floor of the crate which would create a painful pressure point
  • Waterproof/Breathable liner protects your investment
  • Microfiber cover that is durable, comfortable, and washable
  • Extra long zippers make removing the cover easy
  • Side handle
  • A pad size to fit most crates
  • Conforms to your dog’s body
  • Perfect for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or joint issues
  • Pad may be removed and used separately
  • Great for travel – handles make it easy to carry

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