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5 Best Pet Anti-Aging Tips

Anti-Aging Tips for Pets.  Help Your Four-legged Pals Prosper So They Remain Ready to Play for Years to Come

5 Anti-aging Tips for Dogs


Pets are living longer thanks to advances in veterinary care, so extending their healthy years is more important than ever. To do so, work to improve their “healthspan”. “that’s the period of life spent in good health, free from the chronic diseases and disabilities of aging,” according to Matt R Keaberlein, PhD, professor of pathology at the Univerisity of Washington, Seattle and co-founder of the Dog Again Project (


“Our pets experience nearly all f the same effects of aging that we do,” Kaeberlein says. But exactly how fast or slow animals age depends on their breed, size and individual circumstances. Cats are considered “mature” at 7, senior at 11, and geriatric at 15. In dogs it’s more variable, and small dogs age more slowly than bigger ones.


Understanding those variables is what the Dog Aging Project is all about. “Our goal is to maximize ehalthpspn by directly targeting the mechanisms of again and preventing the progression of age-related diseases,” Kaeberlein says.


Read the 5 tips to help you furry friends keep a spring in their step here:

5 Anti-Aging Tips

How Orthopedic Dog Beds Help your Dog’s Arthritis

Buddy Beds Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Beds
Orthopedic Dog Beds and Your Arthritic Dog Osteoarthritis affects one in five dogs in America and is commonly caused by fractures, inflammation or dietary deficiencies among other things. Comfortable orthopedic memory foam beds are available for people with arthritis so why wouldn’t you allow your dog the same level of comfort as they age? Here’s how orthopedic […]
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Arthritis in Dogs Symptoms, and Treatment

Arthritis in Dogs - Orthopedic Dog Beds made from memory foam for Senior Dogs
Arthritis in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment If you have a dog, you will probably have to deal with arthritis when he gets older.  Arthritis in dogs is the most common health issue in older dogs.  Just like humans, your pet´s joints will wear out and tear due to use over the years. Arthritis is, […]
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The True Nature of ‘Orthopedic’ Dog Beds

6 Ways to Honor Your Dog Who Passed Away
There are a lot of manufactures that claim their dog beds are orthopedic dog beds I just did a Google search for orthopedic dog beds. Whoa, there are a lot of manufactures that claim their dog beds are orthopedic dog beds. Are their dog beds really orthopedic dog beds? What does orthopedic even mean, if […]
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