Make Your Own Dog Treats – Oven Dried Liver Treats

We love our dogs and worry about what they eat.  Here is a healthy recipe for Oven Dried Liver Treats you can make at home.  The benefit is you you can put your mind at ease because you know exactly what the ingredients are.  And. . .they are easy, easy, easy. . .and made with lots of love!!So here is the recipe for Oven Dried Liver Treats. . .made with love.

Oven Dried Liver Treats

Cut liver into strips about 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch thick.

Place liver strips on a wire tray in an oven set at the lowest possible temperature setting.

Allow to cook/dry for five to six hours — or until the liver appears dry.

Remove from the oven and leave out for a day to dry further — then place in a container.

Will keep for several weeks; refrigeration not necessary.

Source: Modern Dog Magazine

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