Arthritis in Dogs – 6 Ways to Ease the Pain – Part 4 Orthopedic Dog Bed

We found this wonderful article on Arthritis in Dog written by a knowledgeable vet Jo who is a veterinarian blogger.  Please go to her site to read more insightful articles:

Here is the forth installment of 6 Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain in Dogs

Part 4 – A Comfortable, Padded Place to Sleep!

dog on sofa

I don’t mean a cell, although I do question Ani’s sanity on a pretty regular basis!

This one is pretty straightforward.  A bit of padding under stiff, sore joints can make things a lot more comfortable.  Memory foam beds are a good option as they mold and contour to your dog’s body, reducing pressure on those arthritic joints.  It’s also helpful if the bed is easy to get in and out of.  Sounds obvious, but it’s important that it’s not too high, too soft, or has sides that make it difficult to climb onto.


Of course we need to mention Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds.  These beds offer a patented sleep system that relieves the pain of arthritis by eliminating all painful pressure points.  See all our award winning beds at: www.



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