Arthritis in Dogs – 6 Ways to Ease the Pain- Part 3 Shelter

We found this wonderful article on Arthritis in Dog written by a knowledgeable vet Jo who is a veterinarian blogger.  Please go to her site to read more wonderful articles:

Here is the third installment of 6 Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain in Dogs

Part 3:  Keep ‘em Cosy: Provide Shelter from Wind, Rain and Cold

wet dog

Particularly during cold weather, it’s so important to protect your dog from the elements.  Here in Melbourne we don’t get snow, but I know I wouldn’t want to be lying out in the open overnight during winter, even if I did have a nice thick fur coat.  Protection from rain is important, but we also need to realise that if the wind is blowing straight into the dog house, it’s going to be freezing in there.  Obviously the best place for a furry family member to be sleeping is inside, but if your dog sleeps outside, it’s up to you to ensure they are warm enough.  Check kennels regularly to ensure they are clean, dry and comfortable.


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