Arthritis in Dogs – 6 Ways to Ease the Pain – Part 5 Dietary Supplements

We found this wonderful article on Arthritis in Dog written by a knowledgeable vet Jo who is a veterinarian blogger.  Please go to her site to read more insightful articles:

Here is the fifth installment of 6 Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain in Dogs

Part 5:  Consider Dietary Supplements

So we’re mainly talking glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate.  You may have heard of them if you yourself or someone you know has arthritis, as many humans use these products too.  They are extracted from sea molluscs (such as New Zealand Green-lipped mussel), from shark skeleton, and from cattle.   They support that all important cartilage structure,  reducing further deterioration, suppressing inflammation, and reducing free radical damage.  An example of a veterinary product is Cosequin.  Products designed for humans can be bought over the counter, but are not all created equal, so it is worth discussing this with your veterinarian.

Omega-3 fatty acid (OFA) supplements may also be beneficial.  Rather than adding several fish oil capsules to your dogs meal every day, another way to get a great dose of  OFAs into your dog is to feed a diet that already has them built into it, such as Hills j/d.



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