Why Dogs Bury Bones

Why Dogs Bury Bones.  Part 1

Why dogs bury bones?


Why dogs bury bones?

When dogs were in the wild, the food supply was not always plentiful, or dependable.  On the rare occasion when there was more food than could be eaten at this time – it was important to store the remaining left-over food safely so it might be available later for consumption.

How can dogs possibly eat that disgusting bone after it has been buried?  Dogs have powerful digestive systems that can manage with decaying or rotting meat.  It is their stomach’s powerful enzymes that allow them to eat decomposing meat and not get sick

This made perfect sense when the food supply was unpredictable; however, now that dogs have been domesticated, the in-breed behavior endures.

Why dogs bury bones?


Your dog still has that “must save it for later” instinct.  Should your dog have a BIG bone, one that cannot be consumed all at once, the rest must be saved for later by burying it.  Retrievers and other gun dogs have had this trait of carrying food home to bury for later (or to feed puppies) selectively breed into them.

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Part 2 – Why dogs bury bones. How dog dogs remember where they buried their bones?


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