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Why dogs bury bones. How dog dogs remember where they buried their bones?

Why dogs bury bones.

How do dogs remember where they buried their bones?

why dogs bury bones

Why dogs bury bones?

How do dogs remember where they buried their bones?  It always is amazing that our dogs seem to always remember exactly where they buried their bones.  Unless their bones are buried quite deeply, it is your dog’s keen sense of smell that will help him locate his stash.  Some dogs just like to retrieve their bones from time to time – just to make sure that their booty is still there.

Have you ever noticed –dogs like to bury their bones in private.  If you spot them while they are burying their treasure, they will dig it up and take it elsewhere to bury.  This urge to save excess food is so strong, if a dog doesn’t have a soft place in the garden or yard to bury things, they will push soil around the bone with their noses, even on carpet or pavement.

If you dog doesn’t have a bone to bury, toys and chew toys are favorite substitutes to bury.

Just one more enduring survival trait dogs carry with them today.


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Why Dogs Bury Bones

Why do dogs bury bones? Why Dogs Bury Bones.  Part 1   Why dogs bury bones? When dogs were in the wild, the food supply was not always plentiful, or dependable.  On the rare occasion when there was more food than could be eaten at this time – it was important to store the remaining left-over food safely so it […] Continue reading →