Arthritis in Dogs – 6 Ways to Ease the Pain – Part 2 Moderate Exercise

We found this wonderful article on Arthritis in Dog written by a knowledgeable vet Jo who is a veterinarian blogger.  Please go to her site to read more wonderful articles:

Here is the second installment of 6 Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain in Dogs


Part 2:  Moderate Exercise.  Pull on Those Walking Shoes!

As you can imagine, lying around all day is not great for stiff, sore joints.  Moderate exercise is critically important.  The question is, what does ‘moderate exercise’ mean? Well the answer varies depending on the dog.  For my Border Collie, Anika, it’s a fairly brisk 40 minute walk every day.  During this time she happily trots along in front of me, baby and toddler, but if I ask her to do much more she starts to lag behind. Not bad given it’s her 12th birthday today! (Excuse me while I go and ugly cry for a bit, my baby’s getting old!)

walk with dog and kids

She doesn’t look a day over 5, right?…

Ok, tissues away, where was I..  For many other dogs, that sort of walk would be WAAAY too much.  Some may benefit just from ambling down to the mail box and back.  If you have access tohydrotherapy, some dogs (particularly those recovering from surgery) may really benefit from swimming or walking on an underwater treadmill.  The key is to watch them and recognize what they can do comfortably without overdoing it and ending up much more sore.  If you need some guidance with this your vet can help.  If you have a couple of steps your dog needs to navigate regularly and they are having trouble with, it’s pretty easy for someone handy to knock together a little ramp.



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