Why Do Dogs Love to Chew Slippers?

Why Do Dogs Love to Chew Slippers?

Why Do Dogs Love to Chew Slippers

We all know dogs like to chew.  We also know that dogs, with their advanced sense of smell, enjoy things of a somewhat pungent aroma.  Add these inclinations together and voila – you can understand how a slipper, reeking of the ripe cheese smell of foot odor, is such a tempting treat.

Should your slipper be made of deerskin or a good leather, the texture and feel of the slipper are especially attractive.  Plus there is the added benefit that a slipper fits easily into a dog’s mouth.

Gloves are also a favorite chew toy, again because of the leather.  That is why many trainers use old leather gloves to teach puppies how to retrieve.

Yet, we all love the image of the master coming home from a long, hard day at work – only to have his buddy fetch his slippers.   And why not!  Since our dogs would do most anything for us!


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