Why Do Dogs Smell Crotches of Your Guests?

Why do dogs smell crotches of your guests?

Why Do Dogs Smell Crotches?

Photo Source: WebMD

This is somewhat the same as dog’s smelling other dog’s behinds – to establish identity.  It is most likely that dogs are simply attracted to the bouquet of aromas radiating from our human bodies.  Not to be overlooked is the fact that the muzzle of the average dog is approximately the same height as the crotch of an average person.  It is just so convenient to smell the crotches of your guest.



Your dog considers you, your family, and your guests as members of its pack.  Each individual has its place in the hierarchy of the pack and each member of the pack has their own distinctive scent signature.  This signature serves to distinguish each member of your dog’s pack.

It is clearly a nuisance, yet, next time remember this is how dogs introduce themselves to their pack members.

Photo Source:  WebMD

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