Which Dog Breeds Are the Most Intelligent?

A leading canine researcher has ranked dog breeds based on their intelligence.  Like people, some dogs are just smarter than others.  Here are the results of the Leaders of the Intelligence Pack:golden retriever head shot

That’s at least according to an article in Miller-McCune magazine (Santa Barbara, California).

Stanley Coren, a leading canine researcher and psychology professor at the University of British Columbia studied data from 208 dog-obedience judges in the United States and Canada to determine the differences in working and obedience intelligence across dog breeds.

Border collies came out on top as the smartest breed.

However, even breed that didn’t make the list have intelligence rivaling that of a human toddler.  According to Coren the average dog is as smart as a 2-year-old, can conprehend more than 150 words and can count to four or five.

Dogs are also “consciously deceptive” and can trick people into giving them what they want.  Coren told Miller McCune, “dogs are nearly as successful in deceiving humans as humans are in deceiving dogs”.

Leaders of the Intelligence Pack

Here are the smartest dog breeds, according to Dr. Stanley Coren:

1.  Border Collie

2.  Poodle

3.  German Shepherd

4.  Golden Retriever

5.  Doberman

6.  Shetland sheepdog

7.  Labrador retriever

Source:  Pet Age Magazine, April 2010

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