Top 10 Dog Toxins – Part Two

The Pet Poison Hotline created this list of items, presented in order of frequency, that caused the most emergency calls in 2013.

Here are the next 3 Dog Toxins:dog

4.  Over-the-counter cough, cold and allergy medications:  Those that contain acetaminophen or decongestants, such as pseudeophedrine or phenyleprhrine, are particularly toxic.

5.  Rodenticides (mouse poison):  These may cause internal bleeding (brodifacoum, bromadiolone, etc.) or brain swelling (bromethalin), even in small amounts.

6.  Grapes and Raisins:  These harmless human foods cause kidney damage in dogs.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 3 – the last four toxins on the list.


Source:  Pet Age Magazine, March 2014

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