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Feeding your older pet for optimum health

Feeding your older pet for optimum health. As our pets get older, their energy level goes down and they may seem to be eating a lot less than they used to. Older pets may develop illnesses that the pet didn’t have when he or she was younger. Their disrupted immune system predisposes them to maladies such as allergies, joint inflammation, infections, skin disorders and even allergies to foods that they have eaten their whole lives without problem. Continue reading

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4 Tips on Choosing What To Feed Your Dog

A dog will be fit throughout his natural life and will be constantly healthy if you give him the proper food. Nutrition is a vital aspect of a canine’s life. There are hundreds of dog food products on the market today each brand claiming they are they new and improved dog food, so which one shall you choose? Continue reading

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Your Dog’s Health – Dealing With Food Allergies

Constant scratching, tail-chasing, coughing and wheezing, eye and nose discharges – if any of these symptoms can be observed in your dog, the chances are very likely that he/she is suffering from an allergy or allergies. Continue reading

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