4 Tips on Choosing What To Feed Your Dog

Choosing What To Feed Your Dog

from Remarkable Dogs by Guest Author

A dog will be fit throughout his natural life and will be constantly healthy if you give him the proper food. Nutrition is a vital aspect of a canine’s life. There are hundreds of dog food products on the market today each brand claiming they are they new and improved dog food, so which one shall you choose? Expert opinions are as varied as the type of foods we have mentioned and every single one claim he is the most qualified to know about the right things you should feed your dog. You have the final say. As the proud dog owner that you are you have to make a decision in the interest of your dog’s health. We are here to provide assistance in making the right responsible choice.

Becoming a responsible nutritionist

The Internet is home to many opinions most of which make an interesting read but not so many provide you with a practical solution to the nutrition of man’s best friend. The sources are not to be trusted most articles having been rewritten so many times that the information has been diluted and is in fact unreliable. The best method to reach you goals is to get some professional help by consulting a vet which will in turn introduce you to a nutritionist.

– The Holistic Commercial Diet

– Diets Prescribed by your Vet

– Economy and Generic Dog Food Brands

– Homemade Foods

Diets are available for your pet in both wet and dry food. You will need to consider which type suits your dog depending on his breed and to proceed with securing some proper food for your pet. You will find the necessary information by surfing the net.

The Label must be read at all times

All the pet food you plan to feed your animal must be approved by the AAFCO prior to him receiving it. The American Feed Control Officials is the most qualified to determine what assortments of foods are best for your house pet. The standards enforced by the AAFCO are present on each dog food label. The information on these labels is pretty straightforward but there may be cases where it may mislead you into choosing the wrong type especially if this is the first time you own a pet. The labels need to be in line with the AAFCO guidelines and you should search for the ones which state to have the highest quality human-grade ingredients. Other food types which are known to contain chemicals and preservatives are to be avoided at all times. Some ingredients to filter are corn, wheat and soy.

Ask for a specialized opinion

Having done some proper research will lead to you making a more qualified decision when it comes to the life and health of your pet. You should search for opinions from various breeders, dog trainers, veterinaries and even from groomers who have been dealing with the animals they love for a long time and can give you a lot of useful tips. You can find the right type of information and foods at the local pet store as well. If you are lucky the store will be qualified to market high-quality diets for you dog. All the sources presented above will help narrow the field when making a decision about how to feed your pet.

A Dog needs to have Choices

Until you decide what the proper course of action is when it comes to helping your furry friend have a great meal and in turn a healthy life experiment with the dog food. Several dog food companies are willing to give free food samples and you may test them to see which ones your dog loves. To make the transition a lot faster you will have to mix the old food with the new so the dog will adjust to the taste during the course of a few days. You should then proceed to increase the amount of the new food you place in his bowl and he will eat that kind exclusively in not time.

Consider the Long-term Effects

A dog will not enjoy the same type of food for prolonged periods of time. Just like a person he will require some variety in his diet. Using the same type of food on him may cause him some unpleasant allergies. Most people use commercial dog food so it is recommended that a dog’s diet be switched every 2 to 6 months to avoid causing him health problems. Rotating the food may be done by opting for different brands or changing the mix of the current formula. If your dog relies on a homemade diet then you should give him various cooked meals.


Source:  from Remarkable Dogs by Guest Author  http://www.remarkabledogs.com/2011/05/choosing-what-to-feed-your-dog/

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