Is Your Dog as Well-Trained As You Think?

Is Your Dog as Well-Trained As You Think?

By Eric Goebelbecker | Published: July 6, 2011

After years of seeing clients, I have learned that most people either think their dog is well-trained, or think their dog is completely horrible. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

This infographic, from Pet365 illustrates that point, as well as a few others. Pet365 surveyed over 1000 dog owners from around the world and assembled some interesting statistics.

  • Most people think their dogs are better trained than other people’s. Most people seem to believe this about their kids too, and I think the truth lies in the middle there also.
  • People with more than one dog tend to socialize their puppies more. I love the follow up: proof that we do learn from our mistakes!
  • Going to puppy kindergarten makes training easier! Woo-hoo! There it is in black and white (well, brown and tan) folks! Take your puppies to class!

Considering yesterday’s interview about puppy socialization. This graphic is really very apropos.

This is a great graphic. I think Pet365 does a wonderful job with these. What do you think?

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Source:  Dog Spelled Forward

By Eric Goebelbecker


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