How To Protect Your Dog From Leptosipirosis.

How can I protect my Dog from Leptosipirosis?

Remember. . .Protection = Prevention!

To help protect your dog from this potentially fatal disease, vaccination is key.  By vaccinating your dog before exposure, you may avoid the emotional and financial trauma of dealing with this disease.

Vaccines are affordable, convenient and safe.  Talk to your veterinarian about which vaccine is best and how to incorporate in into your dog’s routine vaccination program.

Cornell University reported that the vast majority of leptospirosis cases they diagnosed in dog were caused by two strains.

“Four-way” leptospirosis vaccines help provide the most complete protection for your dog.

If you suspect leptospirosis in your dog, notify your veterarian promptly to increase your dog’s recovery success.

Source: Pfizer, Inc.

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