10 Of The Most Mysterious Doggy Behaviors: Explained!

10 Of The Most Mysterious Doggy Behaviors: Explained!

My dog is the funniest little creature.

He loves to circle around multiple times before finding a nice spot to rest, has always been a little aggressive with his toys during playtime, and is always scared when it rains and thunders.

The good thing is, everything that he does is normal. These behaviors may seem quite odd — and maybe even a little troubling sometimes ‚ but if you’ve been experiencing the same things with your pup for years, know that you have nothing to worry about.

In an exclusive guide below, we take a shot at debunking some of the strangest behaviors that dogs display, and give rational explanations for each of them.

From explaining why they eat their own poop and why their noses are always cold and wet, to why they constantly stare at you, these answers just go to show that dogs are incredibly intuitive, intelligent, and sensitive animals.

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Why Do Dogs…

1. Chase Their Tails?

Strange dog behaviors

Many researchers and experts agree that tail-chasing in dogs is quite a compulsive behavior. However, there are many plausible reasons for this behavior.

Some say that dogs do this to expend any excess energy, and others say that it is a sign of a disorder, or a health issue.

The pup may be lacking in some key vitamins (B6 and C, for example), or may have separation anxiety, some anal gland problems, or flea allergy dermatitis.




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By Angel Chang

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