Can People Get Leptospirosis From Dogs? Yes!

Can people get Leptospirosis from dogs?  Yes!  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that up to 200 human cases of leptospirosis a year are identified in the United States.While the disease is rarely fatal in humans, it can cause severe illness.

Children may be particularly vlunerable due to their close contact with pets, play habits, and irregular hygiene.

You may reduce the risk by complying with the following preventative measures:

  • Vaccinate your dog and livestock
  • Avoid water that might be contaminated with the bacteria, especially water that is stagnant.
  • Practice good sanitation, including washing your and your children’s hands – especially when handling anything that might have your dog’s urine on it.
  • If your occupation or lifestyle involves routine exposure to wildlife or standing water, wear protective clothing to avoid exposure

Any dog and human may be a risk to become infected.  Even recreational activities like fishing or kayaking can potentially pose a risk.

If you suspect leptospirosis in your dog, notify your veterinarian promptly to increase your dog’s recovery success.

Source:  Pfizer, Inc.

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