Traveling with Your Dog for the Holidays – Helpful Tips and Take Along Check List

Will you be traveling with your dog?

A traveling without our dogs feels incomplete.

Leave no dog behind!

Traveling with your dog. Leave no dog behind!

Traveling with your dog. Leave no dog behind!

Yet, preparations means more taking their toothbrush.  Here are some tips and a “What to Pack Checklist”.

Before you go. . . make sure they wear their identification tags.  Cut their toe nails so they don’t snag in the dog crate.  Labeling the crate is a good idea tool.

Check out website for pet friendly accommodations.  In the past few years, more and more lodging welcome pets.  It pays to make reservations early.  Make sure you let them know you are traveling with your dog.

Frequent stops are important with traveling with you dog in the car.  Take the leash for short walks to stretch their legs.  Don’t forget to offer water often.

Some dogs, like people, can suffer from motion sickness.  Fresh air from a cracked window, frequent rest stops, and calming treats  can help.  If your dog’s motion sickness is serious, see your vet before you leave to recommend a medication.

“What to Pack” Checklist

No well traveled dog should leave without these items:

  1.  Well Ventilated Dog Crate or Carrier
  2. Pet food and bowls
  3. Water
  4. Favorite dog bed and toys (Buddy Beds sells a great Memory Foam Folding Travel Bed)
  5. Leash, collar and ID tags
  6. Current Photo – in case your dog gets lost!
  7. Health Certificates from your Vet (i.e. Rabies and current vaccinations)

Have a great holiday vacation – make it memorable!

Just in time for the holidays Buddy Beds have our travel products on sale!

Folding Memory Foam Travel Bed – on SALE now.  Don’t let your dog bounce around in the back seat!  Folds for easy carry to take into the hotel room.

Car Seat Protector Blankets – on SALE now.  Traveling with dogs is togetherness at its best. . but can cause wear and tear on your vehicle’s interior.  Sizes to fit all vehicles.

Traveling with your dog.  Leave no dog behind!

Traveling with your dog. Leave no dog behind!

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