Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Foot Pad Lacerations, Lumps, Bumps and more

The Deep Foot Pad Lacerations. What To Do, and When To Do It

Cookie cut her paw pad early in the Winter. Must have found a piece of glass at the neighbor’s field. It wasn’t really deep but it was deep enough. If the vet was open, we would have taken her. But since they weren’t and it didn’t make sense to make it an emergency, we treated it ourselves. I was probably overly diligent with it but it worked and the pad didn’t get infected and healed.2qxdtz69






The ABC’s of Antibodies & the Effects of Food

You probably have a rough idea what antibodies are. Learn about the different types and their relationship with food. If you try the Nutriscan, let me hear from you.


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