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Detecting Diabetes in Your Pets

Here is a great video to watch. . . click the link below.     How do you detect diabetes in your pets?    

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RV’s: A great Way To Travel With Pets!

RV’s are a great way to travel with pets. Here are some valuable tips when considering your next travel adventure. Continue reading

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Dog Food – 10 “People” Foods You Can Share With Your Dog

10 “People” foods you can share with your dog! Here are ten more people foods that will give you just what you’re looking for and will help boost your dog’s nutrition. Continue reading

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The Right Way to Socialize Puppies

Dr-Larry-and-puppy The first three to four months is the most important period in your dog’s life. That might seem like an extreme statement to some, but consider this. The most common cause of death for dogs under the age of three is euthanasia, and the reason for that is some form of behavior issue. Continue reading

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Dog Bite Study: Unsupervised Children Most At Risk

Dog Bite Study. According to the report, unsupervised children are most at risk for bites. The study also notes that the culprits are usually the family pet and that once a dog has a history of biting, the dog is more likely to bite again Continue reading

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