Planning a Trip Over Labor Day? Finding Pet Friendly Accommodations

Pet Friendly Accommodations

Leave no dog behind!  Here are some GREAT tips for finding those perfect pet friendly accommodations. . . .

Don’t Forget to Bring Along a Buddy Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Travel Bed – let your dog travel in comfort and safety.

Don't forget your Memory Foam Buddy Bed Dog Bed!

1. Some places require a pet security deposit, which is returned if the chairs aren’t chewing up or the carpet piddled upon.

2. Some do charge an extra non-refundable fee for cats.

3. Other offer pet perks, from dog walking to pet room service menus.

4. Be specific when you ask questions. Perhaps you have two dogs. Does the hotel allow more than one pet per room? Is there a fee for additional pets? Maybe the hotel only welcomes smaller dogs. Exactly how big is a small dog? Find out.

5. Pet friendly accommodations are listed, and in some cases, commented on at websites such as,,, and But do not just depend on the website because policies change.

6. Get a written confirmation with all the details.

7. When you arrive, plan fun doggie friendly activities, such as a romp in the nearby park. After all, if your dog is just going to stay in the room all day, every day, what is the point of bringing them along?

8. For dogs that are stressed out by car rides, a Dog Appeasing Pheromone collar (like aromatherapy for dogs) or lavender hanging from the rearview mirror can help.

9. Don’t forget to take a good orthopedic memory foam dog bed along. Not only will it soften the jostling of the car ride, it is a comfortable place to sleep at night. Taking your dog’s personal dog bed along gives them the security of the same bed each night while traveling.

So throw your best friend in the car. . .and have a wonderful last fling of summer.

Bon Voyage!

Source: USA Weekend

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