Essential Items for Your Pet Survival Kit- What You Need for Emergencies!

Don't leave me behind!We in Denver are going through some flooding that we never imagined would EVER happen.  It has not uncommon to be asked to evacuate within minutes.  Not being prepared can mean pets are left behind or don’t have everything they need.

Are you ready for an emergency?  Here is how you, as a pet owner, can prepare for emergencies by having a Pet Survival Kit ready to go.  Here is a list of what you need.

Buy these items, put them in a waterproof, easy-to-carry kit and label it.  Make sure everyone know where it is.  Here is what you need to pack:

  • Pet first-aid kit and guidebook (ask your vet what to include)
  • 3-7 days’ worth of canned (pop-top) or dry food.  Be sure to rotate every 2 months
  • Disposable litter trays (aluminum roasting pans are perfect) and litter or paper toweling
  • Liquid dish soap and disinfectant
  • Disposable garbage bags for cleanup
  • Pet feeding dishes
  • Extra collar or harness as well as an extra leash
  • Photocopies of medical records and a waterproof container with a 2-week supply of any medicine you pet requires (remember, food and medications need to be rotated out of your emergency kit- otherwise they may go bad or become useless)
  • Blanket – for scooping up a fearful pet
  • Bottled water, at least 7 days worth for each person and pet
  • A traveling bag, crate or sturdy carrier, ideally one for each pet
  • Flashlight
  • Recent photos of your pets – in case you are separated and need to make “Lost” posters
  • Blanket or pet bed
  • Especially for cats:  pillowcase or Evacsak, toys
  • Especially for dogs: extra leash, toys and chew toys.

Instead or waiting until disaster strikes, create an emergency plan for your pets as an essential part of you overall disaster plan.  Good Luck.

Source:  Costco Connection by Chrystle Fiedler


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