Dog Obesity -This Easy and Simple Tip Can Help.

To fight small dog obesity. . .think small!

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Preventi

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on the cost of obesity in illness and injury makes it the number one medical issue seen in veterinarian offices today.


The third annual National Pet Obesity Awareness Survey, conducted in October 2009, found that more than 34 million dogs (more than 45% of America’s total canine population) were estimated to be obese or overweight. And Miranda Meppen, a Colorado veterinarian, said in an interview with the Denver Post that studies indicate the number is closer to 50 percent of pets being overweight, with half that being considered obese.

Small dog breeds are the most likely to become overweight, for a number of reasons. First, almost all mass-produced dog treats are not sized correctly for smaller dogs, so every treat adds to the problem. Some dog owners also feed human foods to their small dogs as treats, even though a small fast food hamburger is enough to satisfy the dietary needs of a small dog for between four and five days. Also, according to veterinarian Donna Solomon in an article in the Huffington Post, feeding a 20-pound dog an ounce of cheese has the same calorie-impact as eating two and a half hamburgers has on a human.

Moral of this story. . . look for treats that were tasty, healthy and just the right size.  It is important to give your small dog a perfectly-sized  treat designed specifically for small dogs.

Source:  Pet Product News


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