Dog Grooming – How To Train A Dog To Enjoy Grooming & Stay Calm When Groomed

Dog Grooming!  If you learn how to train a dog to enjoy grooming it will benefit both of you. The happier your pet, the happier you are, right? Your dog won’t have to deal with the anxiety brought on by grooming, and you won’t have to deal with a stressed out pet that won’t sit still.

If your dog has severe anxiety around the time of grooming, there are several ways to deal with it: you can try dog anxiety medications or using a dog anxiety vest. However, neither one of these options is ideal for every grooming situation.

How to Train Your Dog to Stay Calm During Grooming

How to Train Your Dog to Stay Calm During Grooming

In certain cases, for pets with serious anxiety issues you’ll need to work with a professional dog trainer or dog groomer. If he tries to bite you or becomes aggressive during grooming, you don’t want to take any chances. Dog anxiety is very common and must be addressed and dealt with in a serious manner to avoid bigger problems.

For home groomers who are prepared to take the matters in their own hands, there’s a way to deal with a scared dog safely. So if your canine is fidgety, pants excessively, or is just generally uneasy when you groom him, my video and below tips will help.

Learning how to train a dog to enjoy grooming isn’t as difficult as it sounds. With some praise and motivating dog treats your pet will soon learn that he has nothing to fear.


Like all dog training, it is best to start grooming your dog when he’s as young as possible. When dogs get older they develop bad habits without the proper training. When you try to train an older dog, it can be difficult to get him to give up these habits.

If you begin when your dog is still a puppy, he’ll learn to enjoy grooming from the very beginning. Working with a dog that has already learned to fear grooming will be a bit more challenging for most pet parents. However, the process is the same either way; it will probably just take a lot longer if you’re working with an older dog.

The key to learning how to train a dog to enjoy grooming is getting him used to all the variables and steps of the grooming process. Put yourself in his shoes (or paws, in this case). Whether you groom in a dog grooming tub in your bathroom at home, in the basement or at the grooming salon, grooming always takes place in a separate area.

There are lots of different dog grooming supplies and tools being used on your pet (listed below). Think of all the different smells! How is your dog supposed to be comfortable in an environment like that, especially if he’s only there occasionally for brief periods of time?


Source: Top Dog Tips

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