Do You Know How To Spot Serious Dog Ailments?

Every dog owner worries about their pet’s health.  My dog has gone through a couple life threatening health scares.  The only thing that saved him was I detected it early enough to get him to the emergency vet.  This article provides excellent information on How To  Spot Serious Dog Ailments!

Dog Ailments Can Be Cured Or Prevented But Are Still Dangerous

Some of the most common dog ailments can be life threatening. This is why vaccination is very important, as most of these ailments are caused by viruses. As a responsible dog owner, you will have to learn what these common dog ailments are along with their symptoms, causes, and the best treatment methods. Read on for a quick look at these ailments and how to recognize them.

Rabies is a Dog ailment that is contracted by the bite from a wild Rabid animal. Once considered fatal in all cases, the mortality rate of Rabies has been significantly reduced with the advent of medical knowledge. Vaccination will prevent your Dog from contracting Rabies and should be administered by a Veterinary specialist at the earliest opportunity. Although uncommon in todays society Rabies cases are rare, but not unheard of. The symptoms include a severe change of behavior, signified by increased aggression. Foaming at the mouth, rolling, wild eyes and in later stages, Coma and death. A truly horrible disease, luckily easily preventable.

Distemper is also one of the most common, dangerous, and previously incurable dog ailments. Symptoms of this disease are diarrhea, coughing, and mucosal discharges. Seizures also occur as the condition worsens. Although this condition can be treated now, it is expected that if a dog survives distemper, he will continue to suffer from neurological damage for the rest of his life. Statistics show that adult dogs have a 50% chance of surviving the condition, while puppies only have a 20% chance. Vaccination is still the key to preventing the disease.

The third Dog ailment that creates respiratory problems in Dogs is actually caused by the bite from disease carrying Mosquitos. It is an ailment known as Heartworm. Suffering Dogs will experience fatigue, breathing challenges and fits of coughing. Being very difficult to treat without the right medical drugs, this is of particular concern to dog owners in Hot climate countries where Mosquitos are rampant. If your Dog contracts heartworm then the good news is that it is indeed curable, via monitored doses of the specialist drug Ivermectin.

There are also dog ailments that are most common in the larger breeds and one of these ailments is called Bloat. Bloat is caused by eating too fast, eating too much, or by gas or fluid build-up in your dog’s stomach. Bloat causes your dog’s stomach to become twisted, thus cutting off circulation to his internal organs. Common symptoms are frequent dry heaves, behavioral changes, restlessness, bloated abdomen, pale gums, weakness, and tapeworms in the stool.

As you have read, Dog ailments can be deadly if left untreated. Thankfully, with todays ever ongoing increases in knowledge around Dog health and Dog ailments, all of the above can be prevented or treated via vaccination and owner responsibility. Make sire that your beloved Dog stays healthy and happy by giving them a regular medical health check with a trusted local Veterinarian.


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