Christmas Dog Movies to Watch During the Holidays

Christmas Dog Movies for Holiday Movie Night - JButler

Whether new release or classic, television or DVD, Christmas dog movies make a great family entertainment tradition and create lasting holiday memories.

Christmas is a time for family and one of the best ways to stir up warm, fuzzy holiday feelings is to gather with family ‘round the fireplace, snack on popcorn or hot chocolate and enjoy a good Christmas movie. And since almost everyone loves a good, heartwarming dog story, the following Christmas dog movies can be a good choice for holiday movie night.

Lady and the Tramp is a cute Disney animation classic from 1955. Lady, a Cocker Spaniel, begins life as a Christmas present in a classy, refined family. When attention shifts from her to a new baby, Lady is sad and the neighborhood stray convinces her that his “footloose and collar-free” life is more exciting. Through a year of adventures together, they fall in love and the next Christmas finds them both back at Lady’s home with their own family of puppies.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas is a funny movie, rated PG, from 2009 in which Zeus, a former police dog, has lost his bark and ends up at the pound. He gets adopted by a family at Christmas as a watch dog, but the mother is skeptical and thinks a security system would be better. It’s almost decided that Zeus will go back to the pound but when the family leaves for Christmas and burglars target the home, Zeus comes up with some clever ways to save Christmas for his family.

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