Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

Planning a Trip Over Labor Day? Here Are Some Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

Planning that last of the summer trip over Labor Day? Tips for traveling with your dog.  Here are some tips while on the go with your pets.

1. Let Fido enjoy the ride, but keep the windows up or just cracked to avoid debris flying into his eyes

2. Dog and cats should never travel on laps. Cats should be in carriers, and that is also a good idea for dogs accustomed to carriers. Small and mid-sized dogs can be strapped into a canine safety seat, available at pet supply stores.

3. Never let a dog ride in the back of a pickup truck, which — wisely– is banned in some places.

4. For an extra fee, many airlines will allow you to take pets on board a plane if they’re small enough to fit in a carrier that will slide under the seat in front of you.

Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

5. No matter where you travel or how you get there, your pet should have an ID tag and identification microchip, and you should bring proof of your pet’s current rabies vaccination.

6. Some communities not only have dog parks, but also dog beaches where canine can socialize.

7. Sometime what holds back a road trip with your dog is your furry friend’s motion sickness. A fairly new drug, Cerenia, can alleviate it better than earlier drugs that either didn’t work well or put dogs to sleep. When motion sickness is not so profound, doggie ginger cookies can help.

8. For dogs that are stressed out by car rides, a Dog Appeasing Pheromone collar (like aromatherapy for dogs) or lavender hanging from the rear view mirror can help.

Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

9. Don’t forget to take a good orthopedic memory foam dog bed along. Not only will it soften the jostling of the car ride, it is a comfortable place to sleep at night. Taking your dog’s personal dog bed along gives them the security of the same bed each night while traveling.

So throw your best friend in the car. . .and have a wonderful last fling of summer.

Bon Voyage!

Source:USA Weekend

Tips For Traveling with Your Dog