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New Vaccine Prevents Lyme Disease in Dogs

New Vaccine Prevents Lyme Disease in Dogs. When it comes to the battle against Lyme disease, dogs are coming out ahead of their human counterparts. Should they be bitten by a tick, a vaccine has been created to prevent dogs from ever contracting the disease in the first place.
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Cleaning Dog’s Ears Using A Cotton Ball

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ear’s with a Cotton Ball. Watch the video. Dogs’ ears come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. But no matter the shape, all dogs can get ear infections. That’s why proper ear care is essential for all dogs. In this video, Dr. Julia Georgesen tells you all about a dog’s ears and how to properly clean them.
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Top 10 Dog Toxins – Part 3

Top 10 Dog Toxins: The Pet Poison Helpline created this list of items, presented in order of frequency, that caused the most emergency calls in 2014. Here are the last 4 toxins on the list:
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