Dog Training-Impress your guests with a well behaved dog!

Rules for Older Dogs and Children Dog Training – a well behaved dog!  There is nothing more annoying than your dog jumping and knocking people over when they come to your house, and begging and barking at the table for some scraps of food. Have no fear! We have solutions for you! Certified Dog Trainer Jill Haley Rose, Suzie Pederson and her […] Continue reading →

Stop Halloween from Spooking Your Dog

Don't let your dogs be spooked this Halloween Stop Halloween from spooking your dog.  It’s not just us that are spooked this month because of Halloween, but our dogs are as well. Explaining why this month is so dangerous for our dogs is Richard and Vicki Horowitz from Bark Busters along with Charlie, a two year old lab mix rescue. Halloween can be a […] Continue reading →

Reading Your Pets’ Thoughts, Moods and Temperament

best dog names Reading Your Pets’ Thoughts.  Of course, dogs and cats cannot speak for themselves, they can only bark and howl, purr and hiss. “The Secret Life of Pets” did very well at the box office by showing what dogs and cats really think, at least the animated kind with human voices. Of course, dogs and cats […] Continue reading →

Taking extra care of your senior pets

Arthritis in Dogs - Orthopedic Dog Beds made from memory foam for Senior Dogs To keep your senior pets looking good and feeling great requires a little more attention than when it was younger. Our pets become senior pets after the age of eight, however over the past few decades the life expectancy of cats and dogs has been increasing. This is helped by a number of factors such as […] Continue reading →