Dogs During Summer -Be Aware of Fleas and Ticks

Be Aware of Fleas and Ticks


Planning a Trip With Your Dog?


fleas and ticks on dogs

Planning a summer trip, and of course, planning on taking along your dog? Here are some tips while on the go with your pets – be aware of fleas and ticks.

While you are visiting new places, remember fleas and ticks are more pervasive than ever.

Veterinary parasitologist Michael Dryden of Kansas State University blames a warming trends that lets them survive longer in places where they normally would not.


fleas and ticks on dogs

As suburbs increasingly intersect with wildlife, our backyards have become drop-off places for these pests.

Fleas can hitch a ride on your shoes or on your pet. Laying up to 40 to 50 eggs daily, they can quickly invade your home make your pet (and you) very uncomfortable.

Thankfully, today’s veterinary flea pills and products applied to the pet’s skin really zap fleas, so the days of fitting flea collars and using toxic dips are over.

If ticks occur where you have visited or where you live, your vet can suggest a product to deal with both fleas and ticks.

While traveling, don’t forget to take a good orthopedic memory foam dog bed along. Not only will it soften the jostling of the car ride, it is a comfortable place to sleep at night. Taking your dog’s personal dog bed along gives them the security of the same bed each night while traveling.

So throw your best friend in the car. . .and have a wonderful summer fling.

Bon Voyage!

Source: USA Weekend

fleas and ticks on dogs