Essentials Every Dog Must Have

Dog Essentials

4 Things Every Dog MUST Have!

Essentials Every Dog Must Have

You’ve adopted a new dog, now what? There are many things your new dog needs, and many things she doesn’t. It can be difficult as a new dog owner to decide what is necessary for what your dog and what isn’t. Consider the following five tips on what to buy your new dog, and what not to.

1. Food

Your dog needs food. This may seem obvious, but it’s true. Your dog will need something to eat once she comes home with you. It is not acceptable to feed your dog table scraps. Table scraps are very unhealthy for dogs and can contribute to many health problems including, but not limited to, obesity and heart issues. There are many different dog foods available today, and all have different selling points. It is important to get a food that is designed for your dog. If you adopt a puppy, consider a puppy food. If you adopt a senior dog, consider senior dog food.

You will no doubt notice the difference between some foods prices. More expensive foods will have no byproducts. They also may be made of organic food and very little corn or soy. Vets believe that diets without byproducts can help dogs stay healthy. Dog foods without corn or soy in them are also believed to be healthier because dogs do not naturally eat soy and corn. Many pet stores will hand out samples of dog food to new dog owners. Dogs are like people and have their own tastes. Your dog many not like the food you think she will. Talk to your local pet store about getting samples of food before you buy an entire bag of food. If you have questions about the best food for your dog, contact your vet.

Essentials Every Dog Must Have

2. Identification

Dogs go outside, and sometimes they get lost. Getting your dog a collar and an identification tag is very important. If your dog were to get out of your yard, or accidently get out of the house, a dog tag with your dog’s name and your phone number can help you find your dog. Putting your phone number on your dog’s id tag is very important. Most people have cell phones now-a-days and can call you the moment they find your dog.

Another thing you may want to consider is getting your dog a identification chip. Identification chips are little tiny chips which are injected into your dog by your vet. These are not GPS chips. In the case your dog was to be turned into a shelter, the shelter would scan your dog. If your dog has an identification chip, the information on the chip, such as your name, your dog’s name, your address and your phone number, appears on the shelter’s computer. The shelter can then contact you, even if your dog’s collar some how get lost. Talk to your vet about an identification chip for your dog, or cat.

3. Leashes

Your dog will also need a leash. This may go without saying, but many towns have leash ordinances. That, and keeping your dog on a leash helps prevent her from getting lost or injured. Leashes can be as simple as a rope and a clip, and as elaborate as retractable leashes. Visit your local pet store to select the best leashes.

Essentials Every Dog Must Have

4. Toys and Training Treats

Your dog will need toys. Not all dogs like the same things. Some dogs like rubber toys, others like bones, and others like balls. When you first get a dog you should buy a few toys, all very different from each other, i.e. a rubber toy, a bone, a ball, and maybe a rope toy. You want to see what kind of toy your dog likes.

Keep in mind, some toys can encourage bad behavior. Buying your dog stuffed animal chew toys can encourage your dog to chew other soft things in the house, like childrens stuffed animal toys, or throw pillows. Some dogs also naturally have a hard bite, depending on the breed. If your dog naturally has a hard bite, you don’t want to encourage her to develop that jaw strength, so hard toys like bones may not be the best toys for her. You will also want to get your dog treats so you can train her. There are many treats available today, but you may want to consider small treats low in calories. Even puppies can put on extra weight due to treat training, so treats low in calories help prevent that.

Essentials Every Dog Must Have