Dog Beds – Necessary or Unnecessary?

Are dog beds for your dogs necessary? The answer is pretty obvious if you transfer the same question to humans. Are human beds necessary?Dog Beds

Well, you won’t die without one–but the lack of one could certainly shorten your life in the long run–but your life will be greatly improved with one. You’ll sleep better, your body will last longer, and your overall health will be substantially better from getting good sleep. This makes your waking hours more enjoyable and happier. Orthopedic beds with quality memory foam are the best beds you can get for high-quality sleep.

The same is true for dogs.

Dogs need quality sleep to be happy and healthy at any age, and orthopedic dog beds give your dog the best possible sleeping experience by conforming to their specific body shape, automatically supporting and compressing where needed to maximize the amount of contact your dog has with the dog bed, reducing pressure points and strain on joints and muscles that are in need of rest.

Sleeping on a hard floor, or even a carpeted one, for long periods of time is not healthy for a dog.Dog Beds

Their joints are just as susceptible to arthritis and other problems as human joints are. In fact, dogs do far more running than humans do, and thus are at an even greater risk for experiencing joint pain and deterioration in their joints than their human counterparts are. Your loving pet deserves to be given a comfortable place to rest after all the running and playing they do and all the joy they bring into your life. They will be healthier for it and live longer, filling your life with playfulness and keeping you young for as many years as possible.


Loving pet owners know that their dog deserves the best sleep possible so that he or she can enjoy life and be comfortable, and more than likely, live longer, which is what all pet owners want isn’t it?

We want our canine friends to be with us, enriching our lives for as long as possible. That’s why we get dogs in the first place.

Not only that, if a dog does not get quality sleep, they are more likely to be up at night, running around, barking and whining, and waking you up; not to mention the neighbors. So ensuring your dog gets the best sleep possible is not only the loving thing to do, but it also benefits you personally.


A dog bed is essential to your dog’s continued quality of life,

But not all dog beds are built the same and many of them will not give your pet the comfort he or she deserves. Many cheap dog beds are filled with inferior materials for their padding such as polyester fiber, shredded memory foam, foam chips, and any number of other recycled and “left-over” materials from other products that are shoved into lower quality dog beds. These materials don’t allow for the support dogs need when they are sitting or lying down.Orthopedic Dog Beds

The material is flattened or pushed to the sides of these lower quality dog beds rather than supporting your dog’s body where it is needed most. The more contact a bed has with a body, the more support it will give and the less strain it will put on muscles and joints when your dog is trying to relax. Orthopedic memory foam dog beds by Buddy Beds maximize the amount of contact a dog bed has with a dog’s body, ensuring the highest quality of rest and comfort.


Orthopedic dog beds are the answer to this problem because they support your dog’s unique form at all times in whichever position your dog is in.

Purchasing an orthopedic dog bed is the best way to ensure that your lovable pooch stays happy and healthy throughout their days and their nights.


Not all orthopedic dog beds are built the same though.

Buddy Beds orthopedic dog beds are made with the highest quality memory foam available and are also designed with a waterproof and breathable liner which protects the memory foam inside from any potential liquids, stains, or odors. Buddy Beds orthopedic dog beds also have a liner that protects the memory foam and keeps it free of bacteria and harmful microbes while also making it hypoallergenic. The patented Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds are made with durable materials that will make it last for years and years, long after the extra price is a distant memory.

So your dog can run and play and get dirty, and your Buddy Beds orthopedic dog bed will remain clean and sturdy, giving constant support, while other, less-informed dog owners go out and buy yet another low-quality dog bed because theirs has worn out, lost its cushioning, and been torn, or bitten. Make sure your loving dog gets the best sleep, ensuring a long and happy life for both of you. Invest in a quality orthopedic dog bed for the health of your dog.

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