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10 Stunning (yet super easy) Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

And. . .since this is the day BEFORE Thanksgiving– you can whip up these simple centerpieces in no time.

10 Thanksgiving Foods Never Feed Your Dog

thanksgiving food never feed your dog 10 Thanksgiving Foods Never Feed Your Dog Do you know the Thanksgiving foods never feed your dog?  While we feel especially thankful for our loved ones on Thanksgiving, letting our beloved four-legged family members munch off the table can be a true hazard to their health. While animal lovers know what’s harmful for Fluffy and […] Continue reading →

Traditional, Classic, Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving Side Dishes Recipes   Because the turkey is only as good as the sides you serve with it. Fill your plate with these idesa for the tastiest sides/ Classic Side Dishes  Here are a few traditional favorites:  Stuffing – there are a million recipes Mashed potatoes Sweet potatoes Gravy Green bean dishes Cranberries and cranberry sauces Pearl onions Butternut […] Continue reading →

How to Carve Your Thanksgiving Turkey

How to Carve a Turkey Not sure how to carve a Turkey?  This Thanksgiving, Americans will cook and consume over 40 million turkeys, yet very few of them will be carved in a stress- and mess-free manner, that doesn’t also waste waste your carefully prepared bird. So we asked Jeffrey Elliot, chef and director of culinary relations of Zwilling J.A. […] Continue reading →

5 Best Pet Anti-Aging Tips

Senior Dogs - Taking the Pain Out of Walking Anti-Aging Tips for Pets.  Help Your Four-legged Pals Prosper So They Remain Ready to Play for Years to Come   Pets are living longer thanks to advances in veterinary care, so extending their healthy years is more important than ever. To do so, work to improve their “healthspan”. “that’s the period of life spent in […] Continue reading →