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Do Our Dogs Understand Human Speech?

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Do Our Dogs Understand Human Speech? Your dog really does know what you’re saying, and a brain scan shows how. Your dog gets you. I mean, he really gets you. No, really — he actually does. So say scientists in Hungary, who have published a groundbreaking study that found dogs understand both the meaning of words and the intonation used to speak them.
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10 Of The Most Mysterious Doggy Behaviors: Explained!

My dog is the funniest little creature. He loves to circle around multiple times before finding a nice spot to rest, has always been a little aggressive with his toys during playtime, and is always scared when it rains and thunders. The good thing is, everything that he does is normal. These behaviors may seem quite odd — and maybe even a little troubling sometimes ‚ but if you’ve been experiencing the same things with your pup for years, know that you have nothing to worry about.
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